The Mass Spectrometry Facility provides fee-for-service and contract-based collaborative research. For non-academic users, this is an opportunity to have access to high-end MS services without the need of instrumental investment. Collaborations in academic research usually involve the development of new MS methods and/or techniques, typically leading to new breakthroughs. All inquiries regarding contract-based collaborations should be addressed to the facility staff. For more details, please contact us.

Please see the table below for the available services. All fees are charged per sample analyzed.

Service Internal External
GCMS Analysis $11 $16
Headspace GC-MS $21 $30
GCMS Training (per session) $857 $1,243
ESI Low Resolution MS Analysis $12 $17
ESI Low Resolution MS/MS Analysis $18 $26
LC-ESI Low Resolution MS Analysis $21 $30
LCMS Method Development (per hour) $71 $103
LCMS Training (per session) $905 $1,313
ESI High Resolution 10k MS Analysis $24 $35
ESI High Resolution 10k MS/MS Analysis $34 $47
API High Resolution FTICR MS Analysis (includes ESI LR MS) $50ª $173ª
API High Resolution FTICR MS/MS Analysis (includes ESI LR MS) $75ª $311ª
MALDI-TOF MS Analysis $24 $62
MALDI-TOF/TOF Analysis $47 $123
MALDI Imaging Analysis (per hour) $280 $930
MALDI MS Training (per session) $1,205 $1,747
MALDI High Resolution FTICR MS Analysis $50ª $164ª
MALDI High Resolution FTICR MS/MS Analysis $75ª $292ª
MALDI Enzymatic Digest Analysis $200 $368
MALDI Top-Down Sequencing Analysis $447 $985
SIMS Analysis (per hour) $99 $195
SIMS Imaging Analysis (per hour) $203 $1,626

ª Note: High resolution FTICR MS service fees include low resolution MS screening. In the case that the target analyte is not observed by low resolution MS, only the low resolution analysis will be charged (i.e., $12/$17 for API, and $24/$62 for MALDI).

How do I submit a sample?

To submit a sample to the AMSF, fill out a submission form by providing as much information as you can. Note that PI signature and account number are required for FIU users. For external users a quote will be provided upon request. Attach your sample to the submission form and leave the sample with the submission form in the inbox in CP-174 (or in the refrigerator/freezer for temperature sensitive samples). If you are sending samples from outside the university please contact us regarding proper procedures and handling.

When will my sample be run?

Samples will be run in the order they are received, with priority given to samples from FIU researchers. Samples for each type of analysis will be run on the days specified by the schedule posted in CP-174. Samples must be received prior to the scheduled analysis time. For 9:00 AM-12:00 PM service times, the sample should be received before 9:00 AM. For 1:00-4:00 PM service times, the sample should be received before noon. Samples submitted after these deadlines may not be run until the next scheduled analysis time.

Can I submit a sample from outside FIU?

We accept samples from other universities, government and private institutions. However, priority is given to samples submitted from within the FIU research community.

How much does MS analysis cost?

Pricing is arranged according to the MS service requested. Most pricing is per sample for a given analysis. Please refer to our list of services and fees.

How will I be charged for MS services?

FIU users: If you are associated with FIU, you can use your FIU accounts (research grants and others) or contact your department chair to provide an account number to be used.

Non-FIU users: If you are sending a sample from outside FIU, we will generate a quote. Once written approval (email is sufficient) or a PO is received, an invoice with the payment instructions will be provided. For more details please contact us.